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This is the homepage of the Vanhellemont familyTake a look at one of the websites we have made either for fun, either as a tribute to meritoreous fellow creatures or just as an exercise to get acquainted to new technologies such as html, Flash, XML or others.


Photos and videos made at various family events.
Oma en Opa
A tribute to Grandma and Granddad Vanhellemont, who celebrated their 50th anniversary on October 6, 2001.
Unusual but fascinating pictures of our town  Leuven.
Roemeniëproject Taut
A website created by Frans presenting the Taut project of the Bertem Romania Committee.

Bieke blogs
What is she doing, what thoughts are occupying her mind... Can you try to get in?
Sander and Roman and their love for music.

Jeroen cares about the children in the streets of Lubumbashi in Congo, with a great deal of idealism, or is it just an excuse to organise hot parties? 
Erika Raven
A tribute-site made by Jan. Created when he was recruiting the staff for the new Fnac shop in Wijnegem. Erika Raven was one of the newly hired employees.
Sofie, An's daughter, is only 19 and can call herself Belgian champion. High jump, long jump, sprint... nothing is too high, too far or too fast for her...
Master and Margarita
Another of Jan's tribute sites. About Mikhael Bulgakov's masterpiece.

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right... Here I am, stuck in the middle with you...
(Stealer's Wheel)


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